‘splainin’ to do

‘splainin’ to do

OK so in the last post, I made reference to getting fired from a nanny job. The reasons given were thus
•”The difference in energy level between the two kids is, well, we think it’s troubling. Andy’s cute and all that, but he requires a lot of supervision and we think that might be too much for you.” Note that when I was asked how I thought things were going, in relation to this very situation, I thought it was fine. I hold [yourkid] while my kid runs around. I sling [yourkid] while mine’s in the stroller. [Yourkid] naps while mine plays on the playground. [Yourkid] has a bottle while mine nurses. What’s the problem here?

•”We think that our house just isn’t suitable for a toddler.” Booger fell down the stairs. Twice. Carpeted stairs. And had nary a scratch, hardly cried the first time & did so for even less time the second. Are they going to move in 6 months when their baby becomes a toddler?

•”The scheduling differences between the two kids seems to be an issue for you.” Again, I never said anything of the sort. In fact, I referred to “common denominators” in terms of sleep patterns, I was willing to forgo our usual nap routine in favor of walking them both to sleep, and I was just as concerned as the parents were when [baby] didn’t sleep as long as usual.

I think the real problem was they are both older and are used to being in project-manager type situations at work. They were uncomfortable with my “take things as they come” approach, they didn’t like that I didn’t leave their kid alone to sleep but instead wore her in a Moby, and I think my confidence unnerved them because they are nervous new moms. They actually said that other people had told them if they were going to do a “nanny share,” that the other kid(s) would need to be the same age as theirs. Um, excuse me, but TWO 3-month-olds? Hell to the EN-OH. I went over there to pick up stuff (a change of clothes for Booger, some snacks, and my paycheck) and the non-bio mom had the nerve to say to me, “I just think we all underestimated the situation.” I didn’t underestimate a damned thing! But whatever. Now I have my days with Booger (as boring as they are) and while my student loans won’t get paid off as soon as I’d like, at least I’m not expected to use phrases like “AH-GOO” because that’s “interacting” with the baby.

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  1. I hadn’t seen any posts in a while and was wondering how things were going. I’m sorry to hear about your lost job. That sucks. It sounds like their reasons weren’t very grounded either, which I’m sure would be very frustrating.

    I’m glad you guys are well though.

  2. Hi, I just saw your reply to Rabbitch about the fundraising! Boo hiss. YEAH for your plan to homeschool your wee one. You are already you know. We’ve unschooled our 3 kids since 1998(well 1993 if you want to be technical) and it is just the most amazing thing ever to be home with the kids!! Enjoy!