For the benefit of a princess (updated 7/13)

For the benefit of a princess (updated 7/13)


Tori M: Blanket (or the yarn I would’ve used to make the blanket; you decide)

Mary A: Nightfall Gift Set

Sophie T: Self-care gift set

Tamara K: Wollmeise Klapperstorch

Kim H: Headband

Caitlin O: Shallow purple bowl

Elizabeth B: Wollmeise gift set with DPNs & project bag

Jennifer L: Purple Shawl

Suzanne M: Free Form Bowl

Rachael A: Tili Tomas yarn

Marka Eberle: Lotus Yarns Chakra

Jennifer B: 4 skeins of custom-dyed Bugga from Cephalopod Yarns

Kelly C: The full line of patterns from Rebecca S.

Molly M: Green oval necklace from Ashley W.

Susan O: Purple Headband

Rebecca D: Purple teardrop necklace from Ashley W.

Sandra H: Wollmeise Aquarius

Christine M: Round green necklace from Ashley W.

Joan D: Wall vase

Agnieszka: Hair fork, hair stick, or nostepinne from

Jennifer S: Jojoland Harmony laceweight

Lindsey K: Leaf-shaped plate

Jennifer Loggins: Fascinator clips from Taylor Made Accessories

Suzanne B: Self-care set

Elizabeth A: Self-care set

Rhonda R: Khan gift set from

Rachel H: Brownie Points gift set from

Erin S: Round purple necklace from Ashley W.

Nadean L: Self-care set

Ashley W: 4 skeins of custom-dyed Bugga from Cephalopod Yarns

Anyone listed above has been notified by email. Karmic balancing gifts will arrive from the person who donated it. Instructions have been included in that email to contact the donor.

Also: HOLY CRAP THAT’S A LOT OF SUPERHERO CARDS TO SEND. Um. Guys. They’re going to be e-cards. I was absolutely bowled over at the number of people who donated and I cannot possibly mail that many right now. But I do want to keep my word for that, so you will get a really cool drawing as a thank-you, in your e-mail, and if you want to print them to use as postcards, or kid-room wall art, or to add to your collection of superhero stuff, that’s totally cool with me, just don’t sell them on etsy or something.

I met Talana on the first day of first grade, when she held the broken bathroom stall door shut for me after lunch.

That was 24 years ago this September.

Today, she’s in the hospital at Stanford University, and has just gotten word that calCOBRA won’t cover her because she has Medicaid A, which will only cover hospital expenses & none of her prescriptions.

Prescriptions she needs because she has Cystic Fibrosis and has just gotten a lung transplant. The transplant is why she’s in the hospital in the first place.

Her husband is going to fight this, is going to jump through all the loopholes & whatnot. But I want to help, somehow.

So here’s how: make a donation via PayPal to her medical fund ( To the Chipin fund we’ve set up in her name. $10 gets you an entry into a raffle
update: PayPal doesn’t allow raffles. So everyone gets something tangible as a thank you.

$10 donations get a hand-drawn card of child-made superhero art and a chance to win a hand-knit throw blanket, made by me. Washable wool, cream. No guarantee on finish date (I’m starting law school in August, so knitting time will be limited), but I’ll send progress photos every week until it’s done. Alternatively, if you’re a knitter or know a knitter, I can just send you the yarn & you can make whatever you want. 5 skeins of MadTosh Vintage, which retails at $19.50 per skein.

$20 donations get two hand-drawn superhero art cards and two chances to win the blanket.

$30 donations get two hand-drawn superhero art cards, three chances to win the blanket, and a chance to win two hand-made fascinator hair clips from Taylor Made Accessories (one red & black flower and one multicolored feather hair clip).

$40 donations get two hand-drawn superhero art cards, four chances to win the blanket, two chances to win two hand-made fascinator hair clips from Taylor Made Accessories, and a chance to win the entire pattern collection from Rebecca Stromgren

$50 donations get two hand-drawn super hero art cards, five chances to win the blanket, three chances to win the fascinators from Taylor Made Accessories, two chances to win Rebecca’s patterns, and one of two lots of yarn (4 skeins each) from our wonderful friends at Cephalopod Yarns: two lots of custom- dyed yarn in Bugga. 4 skeins each, the winner picks the color, any color we have ever made, we will dye it just for you, OR you send us a picture of anything EXCEPT someone else’s yarn, and we will make a custom color just for you..

Donate more than $50 and I’m not sure what I’ll throw in.

One randomly selected person from the Eugene area, or who can travel to the Eugene area, will also receive one outdoor photo session (single, couple, or family, pets allowed) with Heidi Turnquist of Taylor Made Photography, and a CD of the edited images from the shoot. I went to high school with Heidi and can personally vouch for her quality and professionalism.

Some people have already said they don’t want to be part of the drawings, and that’s fine. You don’t have to be. You’ll still get cards as a thank you, because that’s how we roll around here.

I’ll use to pick winners, based on the order in which I receive donation confirmations.

Drawing date is July 12, which is Talana’s birthday. She’ll be 30. If the Oatmeal can raise over $100,000 in a day, let’s see if we can raise even 10% of that in just under a month.

Donate after July 12 and you’ll still get the hand-drawn superhero cards, as well as the amazing feeling of helping someone totally awesome. This isn’t a business or a charity, this is community coming together to help someone who is going to have ongoing medical costs and needs tens of thousands of dollars in medications tot stay alive, medications that insurance may not cover.

And if you have a gift to donate, let me know & I’ll post about that, too!

Additional thank you gifts that have been donated (updated 6/19) (each increment of $10 gets you one chance to receive each of these items).
This amazing shawl


Four self-care boxes, each with 2 bars of handmade raspberry swirl soap, one washcloth, and one tube of handmade raspberry lip balm

Two hand knit purple headbands


A Nightfall yarn gift set. That’s one 4oz shawl ball and a matching Sock Set (which is two smaller balls so you can make matching socks).

One hair fork, hair stick, or nostepinne from

Four necklaces, two purple and two green, one for each of four winners, from Ashley White



A hank of wollmeise (amethyst WD), a slipped stitch studios sock bag, a sock pattern and pair of knitpicks DPNs (this would be a great gift for a special knitter in your life, if you’re not a knitter yourself).

Yarn that has been offered to date: 2 skeins of lotus yarns Chakra (MCN base) in “prayers for rain,” a skein of Aquarius wollmeise 80/20, two skeins of Jojoland Harmony (laceweight) in purple, and a skein of Tilli Thomas rock star in sapphire, and a skein of klapperstorch wollmeise 80/20.

2 amazing eyeshadow gift sets from
Khan (Jet Set, Oasis, and Dragon City)


Brownie Points (Copper Penny, Cafe au Lait, and Filigree)


Matt’s cousin, Amber, is a potter and has donated the following four items:
A free-form bowl, which is raw clay on the exterior and the interior is a mottled green. It measures approx. 6″ in diameter and 3.5″ tall


A leaf-shaped plate, which measures 8.5″ across


A shallow purple bowl with lace imprint and metal handle which measures 6 x 8″


A wall vase which is 6″ from top to bottom


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  1. Jenn – thinking of you and your friend! Health care is so freaking tough to navigate – I’ve donated $50 to the cause – wish I could donate more but that’s what I can do right now.
    Sending lots of prayers too!

  2. You are awesome! Thank you so much for doing this. Planning on sending this out to everyone I know if that’s ok. Blessings to all involved in Talana’s healing. What a lucky lady to have you as a friend!

    Ps-hope you are well-it’s been a few years since CGHS!

    Best, Jennie (Mieger)

  3. I was thinking about ChipIn when I first read her husband’s post about the Rx. I hope we can raise the money for her!

    In the dog community this week, we raised almost $30,000 for a woman who was returning from an agility trial and totaled her car, losing two of her 6 dogs in the vehicle with her. One of the dogs was lost in the desert overnight and there were planes, helicopters, and just everyone rallying to support her. I know knitters are like that too, so we need to get the word out about this! :)

  4. Thanks for doing this! I’m Talana’s husband’s cousin and I’m a potter. I have four pieces I’d love to donate to the cause. Please let me know where to send the information and I’ll send descriptions, pictures and whatever you need.
    Thanks again!

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