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You can see me on the news!

You can see me on the news!

And it’s not because I cut someone for talking stupid!

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Wednesday morning, Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR) held a town hall right here in Podunk.  I had a question prepared, I dressed nice in case I got called on, I strapped Gurglebutt to my back in the Ergo, and I packed cheerios & frozen blueberries in my purse.  I let Boogermonkey bring his magnadoodle.  And when we got to the community center, it was PACKED.  They’d reached capacity – 200 people – at 8:00, when it wasn’t scheduled to start until 9:30.  I didn’t want to turn back.  I knew they had a PA system, they could just pipe it into other parts of the building – the library is attached & certainly big enough!  They had a better idea.  Take us outside into the parking lot.  It was a beautiful sunny day, not too hot yet.  400 people – most elderly, mine were two of three children in the audience, and I was one of a handful of 20-somethings.

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And I did get to ask my question. You see, there are a LOT of falsehoods circulating on the web about HR3200.  A lot of people think it mandates government-funded healthcare, or that deathsquads will be rounding up the elderly, or that taxpayers will fund abortions, or other such nonsense.  All of this is spurred on by people like Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and Sarah Palin (the last put something on her facebook page about it.  Idiot).  I wanted to know what Congressman DeFazio was doing to counteract the misinformation.  Holding 14 townhalls, putting the truth on his website, developing a 10-page PDF debunking the weird e-mail that’s circulating, and e-mailing constituents, he says.

Good luck with that, dude. (photo by Booger.  You can see him snapping shots at the Register-Guard video link, and the rest of his photos at the Picasa album)

But really, all this misinformation has me ANGRY.  Really fucking hopping mad.  HR3200 isn’t government-funded healthcare.  It’s insurance industry regulation, something that has been a long time coming.  It provides a way for those of us who need healthcare to get it through private industry, to choose on the free market, without worry about pre-existing conditions clauses, medication class exclusions (antidepressants, inhaled medications, birth control, etc.), that sort of thing.  People here illegally – anywhere from 8-12million people, so about 2.5-5% of the population – won’t have access to coverage because it will be means-tested, meaning you have to prove citizenship to get it.

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All of this information is readily available, yet people are STILL asking “will abortion be funded?”  and “What about the illegals,” as though an entire class of people can be reduced to a single noun.  Grammar!FAIL.  Also: your xenophobia is showing.

(another photo by Booger)

I got into it with a friend on Llamaface’s facebook feed today.  I couldn’t take it.  I snapped a little.  I laid the smack down, really.  Because he was parroting talking points, and I don’t stand for that.  Have a little respect for your education and mine (we went to the same school as undergrads) and read a little, at least.  Form some legitimate complaints.  Because if you come at me with some worthless Bill O’Reilly shit, I will eat you for lunch like a fucking ham sandwich.  In the end, he realized he was getting nowhere, I knew a bit about what I was talking about, and we agreed that I’m really hott (yes, two tees) when I rant, and sex is funny.

(my kid is a genius, seriously)

Helen Philpot, a woman my grandmother’s age, nails why I feel so angry about all of this.  Take it away, Helen:

And what’s all this crap about killing your grandmother?  Are you people honestly that stupid?  This has become less an argument about healthcare reform and more a statement about our failed education system.  Margaret, I don’t know what plans you’ve made up there with Howard, but down here with Harold, we have living wills to determine how we will leave this world when the time comes.  Mine states that unless the feeding tube is large enough for a piece of pie, I don’t want to be hooked up to it.  Harold, of course, says his can only be connected to him if the other end is connected to a bottle of single malt scotch.

Now shame on me for making a joke about a serious subject, but if these morons are going to show up and scream at their elected officials, they need to educate themselves about the subject at hand.   No one is planning on killing you or your grandmother with rationed healthcare or death squads.  By the looks of the American citizenry turning out for these town hall meetings,  we’re doing a fine  job of killing ourselves with fast food, cigarettes and an overindulgence of ignorance.

(guess who took the photo.  go on, guess!)

No one is trying to take your Medicare away.  No one is going to force you to give up your insurance plan.  You want proof?  Sit down with a legal dictionary & read all 1,018 pages of HR3200.  Or you could use your critical thinking skills.  Geico & Progressive have pulled their ads from certain timeslots on FoxNews because of the things those commentators were saying about HR3200; if the insurance companies, which will be regulated more heavily if HR3200 passes don’t even want to be associated with the people saying nasty things about the bill?  UR doin’ it rong.

When you have a dream about blogging…

When you have a dream about blogging…

…perhaps that’s an indication you’ve taken too much time off?

I’ve been so caught up with twitter & ravelry that I’ve neglected the blog.  But what is there to say, really?  I spend my days with Boogermonkey & Gurglebutt, reading the internet between stories, diapers, tricycle rides, peanut butter sandwiches, boobie feeds, more diapers, loads of laundry, blah blah blah.

What’s been on my mind lately is politics.  More specifically, how fucking idiotic the Republican Party has become.  Sarah Palin?  Really, John McCain?  Barack Obama is elitist?  Really, Lady Lynn de Rothschild?  The fundamentals of the economy are sound?  What sound?  THE SOUND OF ME SCREAMING IN ANXIETY AS I PONDER HOW SOON THE NEXT GREAT DEPRESSION WILL GET HERE?!?

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a bleeding heart liberal commie pinko socialist hippie, but this is just getting ridiculous.  Arresting reporters at the RNC because they were talking to protesters?  Arresting people in their homes because they were talking about planning a protest?  Hello, here’s the Bill of Rights.  Watch as they LIGHT IT ON FIRE.  Jesus motherfucking christ on a g-d damned cracker.

And now, after voting against the GI Bill, against the Violence Against Women Act, against equal pay for equal work, in favor of warrantless wiretaps and the PATRIOT Act, they trot out this harpy BITCH from Alaska, who was mayor of a town the size of Cottage Fucking Grove.  This BITCH who thinks abortion should be illegal, who thinks abstinence-only education is peachy, who thinks creationism is fact and not a great story, who thinks that libraries should ban books, who thinks field dressing a motherfucking moose is proof that she’s a great leader…I wonder sometimes if they WANT us to riot in the streets.  Seriously.  It’s American Fascism, and it scares the everliving fuck out of me.

I’ve been reading lots of links from Huffington Post and Washington Post and WSJ and NYT and watching Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann and Jon Stewart lay the smack down, but there are still people out there who support McLame & Caribou Barbie.  Why?  Because of money, because of taxes?  Do you make, AFTER DEDUCTIONS, more than $250,000?  Really?  Then you’ll be happy to know that your taxes will be the same as they were during the Clinton era, a time of economic prosperity and A BUDGET SURPLUS THAT BUSH SQUANDERED BECAUSE HE’S AN ETERNAL FRAT BOY WHO DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO PUT DOWN THE NATION’S CREDIT CARD.  Yes, I’m yelling.

I’m fucking angry.  People like my father in law are considering voting for this guy because they buy into the bullshit and the lies and the “maverick” title that has been bestowed upon McCain.  But you know what?  THERE IS NOTHING MAVERICK ABOUT HIM.  Not one. single. g-d. damned. thing.  NOTHING.  There is nothing new about wanting to be at war for 100 more years.  There is nothing new about spending money we don’t have.  There is nothing new about cutting funding for people who need it most (that would be families like ours, bee tee dubs).

Did you know that McCain wants to cut tax benefits for companies that provide health insurance for employees, making the benefits you get taxable income, and under his plan you’d get a whopping $2500 ($5000 for a family) tax credit at the end of the year to “offset” that cost.  Really?  You know how much insurance is through George’s new company?  $625.  PER MONTH.  Plus copays, deductibles, etc.  Wow, that $5000 is really great, John McCain, can I send you the bill for the rest?  It’s only another $5000 or so, barring any treatments that aren’t covered by the plan.  Maybe your wife can give me the money, since she’s a beer heiress who wears $300,000 outfits to your speeches.

The newest joke is Lady Lynn de Rothschild.  Take in that name.  Ponder it for a while.  Then google her.  No really, I’ll wait.  Back?  Yeah.  Ok.  So the latest joke is that this woman called Barack Obama elitist.  Barack Obama, son of a Kenyan man who left his family in Barack’s toddlerhood.  Barack Obama, who spent part of his childhood in Indonesia among kids who had no shoes.  Barack Obama, who was raised by his grandparents in a middle-class neighborhood.  Barack Obama, who went to college on student loans.  Barack Obama who worked in an ice cream parlor to help his grandparents pay the bills.  Yes.  Obama is the elitist.

You know what I think she really means?  I think she means to say “he’s an uppity n*r who doesn’t know his place,” but she can’t use language like that.  Though there have been a few people in the news lately calling him uppity, it’s generally known that “uppity” is a slur, so she has to choose her words more carefully than that.  It’s the same as when he’s called “articulate.”  Of course he’s articulate, he went to Columbia and Harvard!  We didn’t call John Kerry, the Yale graduate, articulate.  Because we expect white men to be articulate.  We expect black men to sag their jeans and use forms of “to be” not found in standard English.  So it surprises us when he doesn’t do that.  Watch as I tear out my hair.

One last thing, now that Gurglebutt has woken from his nap: IF ONE MORE PERSON CLAIMS THE MEDIA IS SEXIST FOR DARING TO ASK SARAH PALIN A MOTHERFUCKING QUESTION ABOUT HER POLICY OR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE, I WILL FUCKING EXPLODE.  As Roseanne Barr (and I can’t believe I’m about to do this) said on Bill Maher, “Choosing Sarah Palin as a running mate is the most sexist thing they could have possibly done.”

one of the two subjects you’re not supposed to bring up at dinner

one of the two subjects you’re not supposed to bring up at dinner

I try to stay away from discussions of religion and/or politics with all but the closest of friends, but I have to say I’m proud of Oregon.  Now, Ann has a much better post than I could ever hope to have, especially at this godawful hour of the morning, so I’ll just send y’all over there and say that I believe she is spot-on.  Rock on, Nancy Pelosi, rock on.